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For those that haven’t attended Feast before, you can still get your feet wet by attending a Feast Drink Tank. A few tickets are left! Drink Tanks tend to be a more intimate group setting than the larger Feast events, and food and drink is included within the ticket price. Each one takes place at the Portland Art Museum and duration is typically about an hour. Click on the image below for its respective Feast ticket page.

Meet the Press

Cider has become extremely popular in Portland–there are currently eight different cider spots and growing. It’s usually GF, it’s sweet, and there are so many things you can make into cider! E.Z. Orchards‘ cider maker Kevin Zielinski will be at this event walking people through the history of their Salem-based orchard (one of my favorite spots for fall apple donuts, by the way–you’re welcome!), and how their cider production began in 2000.

Have you heard of Tepache? Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider is a Portland darling, and their owner Nat West will also be in attendance to this Drink Tank. Reverand Nat’s is responsible for producing one of my favorite summer beverages, Tepache, a pineapple cider-like beverage that is traditionally made in Mexico and mixed with a light lager beer of your choice (I like mixing it with Caldera’s Lawnmower Lager–think like a sweet Michelada). They say it’s not technically a cider, but it IS  in my top 3 for summer beverage choices and a makes for a sweet housewarming gift too 🙂

The Washington Wines on the Rise

Led by Savuer’s Bruce Schoenfeld, this panel will be specializing in Washington’s wines, with special attention paid to the Columbia River area. For those who have traveled eastward from Portland through the Columbia Gorge, the landscape and climate change considerably. This means these wines very different from the well-known pinot noirs of the Willamette Valley. Attendees will enjoy tastes of different Washington varietals learn about the wine making processes.

Aperitifs Ascendant: Understanding Vermouth, Quinquinas and Aperitif Wines

Apéritifs and digestifs (/əˈpɛrᵻtiːf/ and /diːʒɛˈstiːf/) are drinks, typically alcoholic, that are normally served before (apéritif) or after (digestif) a meal (via Wikipedia).

The history of aperitifs goes all the way back to the 5th century! At this Drink Tank guests will learn about one of the most popular aperitifs, vermouth, but also about new ones that have been developed more recently and are turning heads in the bar world. One of my most recent additions to my bar cabinet is Imbue Cellars’ Bittersweet Vermouth, which is lovely drinking straight with an ice cube or as an easy cocktail with a little club soda and rosemary sprig for garnish.

Speaking of aperitifs! I am enjoying a new one from New Deal Distillery that is made with gentian, which I’ve seen a lot of on my backpacking trips in Oregon this summer! Cascadia D’Amore is a bitter liquor that is actually very floral both on the nose and finish (rose petals, lavender, and angelica root are in there in addition to the gentian). I usually drink it with a single ice cube. Come January, I know I’ll be going to this bottle first in my liquor cabinet for whiff of summer.

Unwinding tonight with some of @newdealpdx #cascadiadamore -- a lovely aperitif to prepare me for all the fresh pasta @ktamspdx is making! What do you sip on while you cook? #inpdx #pdxnow

Unwinding tonight with some of @newdealpdx #cascadiadamore — a lovely aperitif to prepare me for all the fresh pasta @ktamspdx is making! What do you sip on while you cook? #inpdx #pdxnow


I would love to hear from those of you who have attended Feast’s Drink Tanks in the past! Please tweet me or leave a comment below on your experience!

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The Magic That is Feast Portland Turns Five

Feast Portland 2016

Portland’s most beloved food festival, Feast, celebrates its fifth year next week. Feast Portland is a four day affair taking place every year on the 3rd weekend of September and features events both small and large. What I love most about Feast is how it takes over the city–it injects itself not only into the city’s public spaces (courthouse squares, parks, waterfronts, you name it), but also into more subtle places.  Since this will be my fourth year attending Feast, I wanted to share a few of my most memorable bites over the years and a few of the reasons Feast Portland is magical to me.

Come along with me, won’t you?

Let’s Make Some Magic! 

Feast Portland 2015 Provenance Sidewalks

I hear the whispers of Feast before September even starts. Feast will wink at you from some unexpected spots. One example of this was last year’s nod I found directly under my office window–Provenance Hotels is a sponsor of Feast Portland, and they had a local artist sidewalk paint beautiful quotes outside their hotels throughout the city. I personally LOVED these pieces and hope that we will be seeing more of them this year!

Memorable Bites

At the Sandwich Invitational 14+ chefs compete to create and be voted with best sandwich. The art of the sandwich takes on many interpretations. One of my favorites happened in 2014–Salt & Straw’s PBJ sandwich, which was not only incredibly delicious, but absurdly photogenic. It was a sundae built on buttery toast with marionberry jam, peanut butter ice cream, whipped cream, and homemade peanut butter crunchy bits.

Feast Portland's Sandwich Invitational | Salt & Straw

Feast Portland's Smoked Event 2015 Pork Jowl with Smoked Oyster Remoulade

Another favorite was at Smoked in 2015. The (above) grilled pork jowl and smoked oyster remoulade was made by Cockscomb’s Chris Cosentino. Smoked debuted in 2015 as the Saturday Night Main Event, and wow’d many. The event takes place in one of Portland’s most lush and open public parks, Fields Park, in northwest. It wrapped up its first year to an uproar of applause from its attendees and rumors that the smoke was so thick it set off smoke alarms in adjacent apartment buildings.

As I head to Smoked this year, I’m excited to see if there will be more interactions with chefs–the largest paella pan you’ve ever seen, an icy smoke slide (read bong) for shellfish, tomahawk steaks that will make your date double-take when they find you gnawing on a bone. Last year’s Smoked had all those things and more.


@crownpaella mixing us up something extra special at #omgsmoked @feastportland #feastpdx #paella #inpdx

@crownpaella mixing us up something extra special at #omgsmoked @feastportland #feastpdx #paella #inpdx


Feast Portland

So many talented individuals attend and participate in Feast–it’s fabulous for people watching. It’s even better for meeting writers and chefs you’ve been adoring and following for ages. My moment was meeting and getting a signed copy of Diane Morgan‘s cookbook, Roots: The Definitive Compendium with more than 225 Recipesand realizing she not only is amazing in person, but lives within five minutes of my house in SE Portland. Another year, I had the opportunity to push a good friend into introducing herself to one of her idols, Ruth Reichl, whom we had practically ran headlong into in the drink line at Sandwich Invitational.

Feast isn’t just about people though, it’s about ideas–it’s a pairing, flavor profile, design element, presentation or product; each event will give you ideas and make you think about the food. I think that is why anyone who has attended an event at Feast Portland will tell you that it is the most amazing thing! Its participants are creating and sharing fresh ideas, and after five years, it’s still happening.

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The Spicy Bee’s Favorite Portland Bars of 2016

Favorite Bars Portland, OR | The Spicy Bee

Can you believe we are already over halfway through the year? Can you believe that the days are starting to get shorter again? I find it absolutely crazy to think about, and I feel like I only just started getting used to the idea of bright early mornings and the sun setting about 9:30pm (PST). I suppose now is the best time to share my favorite Portland bars for the first half of this year, as I find friends and people I talk with asking me more often, “where should I go?”

“My BFF is coming into town, what should we check out?”

“Where do I find great beer?”

“Whose happy hour is best?”

While I have yet to try every spot Portland, OR has to offer, I have visited some spots that have me wishing I lived above them. It’s time for me to share some of that knowledge with my readers who don’t always frequent my Instagram.

I give you The Spicy Bee’s Favorite Portland Bars of 2016 (so far anyway!)

Home, A Bar

I cannot shut up about this spot, and while part of me wishes to keep it secret to keep it from being overwhelmed with Portlanders, Home, A Bar is a new little dive off SE Morrison and 7th Ave. Its Happy Hour menu will leave you wondering if your stomach could handle seconds, and though I haven’t said anything on social media yet, the mac and cheese sandwich deserves everything awarded to it. The Dirty Burger (pictured above) is the best burger I’ve had so far this year, and if you follow my Instagram, you’ll see I’ve had/made a lot of burgers thus far. This spot replaced the Morrison Hotel Bar in the last year, and it’s got everything an eastsider wants in a bar: dark walls, comfort food, a long happy hour (4pm-7pm daily and 11pm-close sloppy hour), and a solid tap list.

Hale Pele

BOOM-SHAKA-LAKA @halepele #tiki #volcano #drinklocal #drinkpdx #inpdx #boom #drinks #tikibar

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Ok, so I had to be convinced on this spot because I’m like, expensive tiki drinks? Why?

I was wrong Rebekah, lol thank you for showing me the light (or the fire?). Hale Pele is NE Broadway at 27th Ave hiding in a nondescript strip mall. Standing outside this bar on a cold winter evening, I remember thinking my good friend was a touch off-base walking us into a “themed bar.” I was met with a cozy little piece of paradise, with a 7+ page menu of colorful bevies rated 1 to 5 in strength. My favorite thing about Hale Pele? It’s definitely a tie between the quality of the drinks and the ambiance, which goes a long way in helping you forget you’re in a strip mall on a cold and rainy winter evening (or perhaps a 100°F day?). I highly suggest the Painkiller, Boo Loo (perfect for a date night), or the Volcano Bowl if you’re introducing friends to the spot. It’s like a 1st class version of my glorious shark bowl days of college.

Teardrop Lounge

 A classy spot in NW Portland (NW 10th and Everett to be precise), Teardrop Lounge is where I go when I want to feel like an adult and not a poor kid just out of school. I originally worried that I was walking into a sister spot to Bartini (also in NW Portland and has it’s place but is not my bag), only to be floored with the menu and level of execution. It’s one of the only places on the west side I feel comfortable telling the bartender to “surprise me.” I’ve been back quite a few times since, enjoying their 4pm-7pm happy hour or a drink catching up with friends.

Ranger Station

The Ranger Station
is the pub every backpacker dreams about while 10 miles into a trip. At SE 42nd Ave and Hawthorne, this spot is good in all weather with outdoor seats on a quiet 42nd Ave to chill with your pup and ample indoor seating during the gross weather months. Another long, lovely happy hour of 4pm-7pm with $1 of drafts and yummy venison burgers and tacos. I highly suggest popping for some extra pickled jalapeños to add to either menu item.

Do you have a favorite Portland bar? Tweet it at me! @TheSpicyBee