Hump Day Surprise!

So I was cruising through my Twitter today and realized that a restaurant we revisited (since first meeting on the Savor Seattle Food Tour in July) @’d me (is that even how you say it?) and wants to use the above picture I took as their facebook picture! I’ve got butterflies (and peppers, obviously) in my tummy I’m so excited! So if you haven’t checked out the Marination Mobile Page yet–make sure you stop by on your next trip to the Wheedle’s city.

Peppers in a Pickle are peppers that are jarred and pickled by Marination and sold at their locations in Seattle. The peppers start with a bit of sweetness and then is followed by an all-encompassing heat that lingers for a couple of minutes. These peppers are refrigerated pickled (more about that method on a later post) and are therefore ready just days after making them. The peppers we picked up on Saturday the 22nd of September had just been made two days before! While these are absolutely fine as is, they do require refrigeration throughout their jar-life, not simply after opening the container.

For lunch at Marination Station I had the delightful beast pictured below–

Although I am not finding it on their website, I remember this was listed as a “special” that seemed to be made more often in the brick and mortar location. It was pork with avocado, mixed lettuce, and pickled peppers. A great thing about Marination Station is that they offer gluten-free options (corn tortillas hooray!). They also have multiple locations (they started the business in a food truck and from there were able to add on the location we visited).

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  • Reply Jenni Bost September 27, 2012 at 3:11 am

    Wait… so you took that awesome picture and it was used on their facebook page!? Awesome!

    And, please explain peppers in a pickle. Sounds freakin’ awesome.

  • Reply Motormouth September 27, 2012 at 4:27 pm

    That’s so cool!!!! It’s such an honor to have a business use your photo! And peppers in a pickle sound yummy!!

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