Portland State Market Loves Peppers

So the last two Saturdays I’ve spent the morning at the Portland State Market enjoying all the peppers! I’ll keep things fairly short and let you check out the pictures I snapped on my now old school iPhone 4 (my iPhone 5 should be here shortly!!). And yes–I did manage to leave my D-SLR at home…two weeks in a row. I suck at this game. More pictures after the jump!

Portland State Market: Roasting Peppers

 So after the roasting of the peppers, they put them into ziplock bags to sell. You may wonder why ziplocks–it’s to cause the steam to be trapped in the bag, essentially steaming off the charred skins. I will be posting a how-to later this week on how to process these peppers after you’ve purchased them.
****UPDATE: Fire-Roasted Peppers How-To!

 If you haven’t heard of ghost peppers, they are up there on the Scoville Scale as some of the hottest peppers in the world. They are also known as Naga Jolokia, ghost chile pepper, and ghost chile.

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