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Jade Bistro Teahouse & Patisserie

A few weeks back Ktams and I decided to have a date night. We picked Jade Bistro Teahouse & Patisserie even though I had felt that I ‘d eaten so much Thai since moving out to Portland that it would soon be coming out my ears. Fun fact: did you know that in Portland, there is one Vietnamese restaurant for ever 558 Vietnamese people, one Indian restaurant for every 450 Indian people, and one Thai restaurant for every 13.5 Thai people?! A detailed visual is waiting for you after the jump…

Needless to say, I was difficult to convince to give it a try. In the end though, Jade was close, had good pricing, and really good reviews on Yelp. And my friends will tell you if Yelp likes it, I’m game. So we set out to get some Thai.
When we entered Jade Bistro, it was pretty packed, and the line to order stretched to the door. Manning the register was a well-versed employee. He was calm, which is a hard thing to maintain when you have a line to the door and orders running in and out of the kitchen behind you. He shared his knowledgeable of the ingredients in the dishes we were torn between, and was actually the one who talked me into my dinner for the evening: a pork and crab (yes, real crab) udon. It was a special, which had been hand-written on a sticky note next to the front register. Stickies make it official! 
Note: Always get the special on the sticky. In my experience it means the ingredients literally just made it into the kitchen. So soon, in fact, that they missed the printing of the specials.
Pork & Crab Udon

Jade Bistro offers a fairly casual cafe setting, where you order your food, then wait for it to be delivered to your table. The atmosphere is warm, and although the first floor was full up, there were openings in a second level of seating upstairs. The wait for food was approximately 15 minutes, and in that time we watched very yummy looking appetizers get delivered to those around us. Next time we will definitely have to try some of those. Kevin got the wide noodles (pictured below). He found his dinner enjoyable, but the highlight was definitely the udon (pictured above). I could tell that it was made with a very rich, fatty broth. This alone made me giddy, The vegetables were cooked well, and the pork and crab were plentiful.

Fresh Wide Rice Noodles (Gluten-Free)

Once we had finished dinner, Ktams and I got back in line for more. This time we helped ourselves to some of the Patisserie’s desserts! Keven had a vanilla custard creme puff, which he became a fan of immediately (he noted looking back that it was messy, but then confirmed that most messy things are tasty). I had a carrot cupcake, which was very moist and not too heavy. The desserts were less than $3 COMBINED. Jade does all their own pastries in house, and I could see it being a great place to pre-order sweets for a party.

The Verdict on Jade Bistro Teahouse & Patisserie

Overall, Kevin and I are beside ourselves with happiness. We are thrilled to have a gem like Jade Bistro so close to our place, and it’s nice knowing we can have a dinner out (with dessert!!!) for under $25. I know I have dropped Jade Bistro into my Thai category, but I must also note that it serves more as an Asian fusion. The owners (a mother/daughter team) are Vietnamese but their menu reads with blends of Thai, Laotian, and French influenced Vietnamese cuisine. That said, the menu is shorter than you would expect (in a good way) and yet you have the variety of ordering: small plates, soups, salads, sandwiches (on homemade baguettes), and large entrees.

I plan on trying to make it back to Jade Bistro for an afternoon tea sometime soon. That has it’s own menu here. Next Portland Blogger Social Hour? Perhaps.

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  • Reply Leah November 27, 2012 at 7:13 pm

    Looks yummy! I am really into thai and vietnamese food now since I can’t have soy sauce with my gluten allery. I’ll have to check this place out next time I venture to that side of town.

  • Reply Kae November 27, 2012 at 7:24 pm

    okay this place sounds amazing. It’s definitely on my list of places to go.

  • Reply Kayla Moothart November 27, 2012 at 9:11 pm

    Hooray for a review! It has been toooo long since I have had Thai – I need to get there!

  • Reply Adventures in Dressmaking November 27, 2012 at 10:03 pm

    Hahah, love the infographic. There ARE a lot of Thai places around here, and I love it! I get papaya salad most of the time, something I know I can eat, although I used to love pad se ew like in the pic above! Mmmmmm grease and soy sauce!

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