Weekend in Review: Babies and Shamrock Run

Epic weekend was epic!

On Saturday I had the lovely opportunity of doing a photo shoot for my new baby nephew Oliver. He’s just over 9lb of warmth an happiness and was the perfect model for my first attempt at photographing something that moves! I had so much fun playing with this sleepy 2 week old, and while I didn’t want to overwhelm you with pictures, I did want to share a few–I promise to get back to food….soon. (I literally have my red beans and rice sitting in the wings…perhaps it will get posted before Friday!)

Sunday I participated in the Shamrock Run!

via TheSpicyBee Instagram | Group photo courtesy of FitLifeForward

So just a brief synopsis of the run–
The weather was very agreeable, which, for Portland, is MORE than asked for. I showed up overdressed, and as we got closer to the start I left my gloves and vest with Ktams–yes! My Mister woke up at 5:30am to cheer me on at my first race and act as my packhorse for the entire event. I felt so loved.

via Runkeeper App

My goal for this race wasn’t to hit a certain time per say–I new I would PR so long as I actually finished, and it was indeed my first attempt at 15K so I could only guess how long it would take me. My hopes were to complete the race and in under 2 hours. That would have been averaging just under 13 minutes per mile. I knew I was faster than that–The factors I wasn’t sure about were the hill and my continued piriformis issue. The course ran up the OHSU hill, which is why my elevation gain is so crazy! I was really happy with the consistency of my pace throughout (seen in blue on the graph above). I was also thrilled with my time!!! The amount of emotion that overcame me as I neared the finish line stunned me. The minute the finish line came into view my eyes welled up with tears–then my eyes locked with Ktams on the sideline and I waved frantically and choked out a laugh–I sped across the finish line and climbed over the barrier before I even completed the finishing process (removing my shoe’s tracker and getting my medal). I just ran up to Ktams and threw my arms around him. And cried. I was so happy to have accomplished this.

It was a quick meander through the crowds to get to the medals and returns for the tracking device. After that it was time for some refueling with some free chowder from Stanford’s (I also had coconut water we brought along to rehydrate). We then met up with Kayla, Austin, Mike, and Jill to exchange stories and congratulate one another. Everyone seemed to also enjoy their Shamrock experience, which was great! Once the cold began to creep back into our extremities, we went our separate ways. Ktams and I headed to the beer garden so I could cash in my free beer for him (because he’d been such a great sport!). There was a quick stop off at a convenient store for a bag of ice, shortly followed by the longest ice bath of my life–man are those painful. Of course, the bath was followed by some post processing of Ollie pictures and quite the nap.

All that said, I would most certainly consider doing the Shamrock again next year–it was a fabulous experience and very “Portland.” I can’t thank all of my support structures enough for aiding in my training, and thanks to friends of mine that came out to cheer me on (Megan and Adam especially!). Once I was home and able to take some much needed rest, Ktams and I headed out to Burnside Brewing Company for their evening happy hour. I did get to enjoy one beer on St. Patty’s, and it was Burnside’s Sweet Heat, which I wish I had a glass of right now. A wheat beer with apricots and Scotch bonnet peppers, this brew packed almost as much heat as a habanero beer I had at Bailey’s Taproom last summer. I also enjoyed one of the best french dip sandwiches literally ever. I highly suggest it–and come on I had almost 1000 missed calories I had to account for…if not more 😉

The rest of the week I will enjoy a break from running–and bask in the warmth of success.

Any good St. Patrick’s Day stories?

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  • Reply Kayla Moothart March 19, 2013 at 3:01 pm

    Woot! Loved reading your recap of the race! makes me so warm and fuzzy inside! So happy for you!

  • Reply Jenn Pfaus March 19, 2013 at 3:24 pm

    Your photos turned out great! I knew you could do it 🙂

  • Reply Susannah March 19, 2013 at 4:31 pm

    Glad you had such a great time at the race! What a wonderful accomplishment! 🙂 The pics look adorable too!!!

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