Gifted Edibles

Gift Giving–it’s either your favorite or least favorite thing to do. For me, my palms sweat just thinking about the stress involved. On one hand you want to make sure that you’re filling a need or a want, and on the other hand it should be a surprise! On top of the stress of thinking how I could find something useful, I am TERRIBLE at keeping gift secrets for some reason. Ktams is lucky if he gets to Christmas Day without knowing every last gift under the tree. I think I get this from my mother.

The thing that Ktams continues to bring me back to is that it’s not really the price tag–it’s the thought that counts (he definitely excels at being my better half). Last week made me realize I have some amazingly thoughtful friends, and I wanted to share some of the food items that I received as birthday gifts!

Pink Peppercorns 

These pink peppercorns were not only a gorgeous gift but a spicy addition to our seasoning collection! What makes them different from the regular old black peppercorns you ask? Although the pink peppercorns resemble regular pepper, they are actually a dried berry and therefore give a different flavor to the dish. I’m very interested to see where these little pink devils fit into our recipes, and meanwhile they are awfully pretty to have in the kitchen! Looking to grab some for yourself? Here’s a great source for them.

Jarring Labels

These definitely got me excited for the next PDX Food Swap! I can’t imagine how much attention I would get if I showed up with everything labeled with these gorgeous tags and recipe cards. They are almost too pretty to share, and the more I look at these, the more I wish I could get my hands on a mason jar stamp…

Variety Pack Seasonings

Now I’ve always known that Trader Joe’s is amazing, but somehow I had no idea that they had these beauties sitting in their spice section! Stored in glass jars with their own grinder tops, these spices meet a multitude of needs including seasonings for spicy as well as savory dishes–and I can almost guarantee that the spice mixes (like the South African Smoke and Lemon Pepper) will be new additions to the recipient’s spice collection, as opposed to creating duplicates. Those that know me are already aware of the amount of peppercorns we go through as a household (we buy it in bulk!) so we shall especially enjoy going through some fresh rainbow pepper!

Last but certainly not least–I got a new camera lens for my birthday! I must say, the transition from a kit DSLR lens to a 50mm prime lens has my head spinning. I now have a hard time even looking at my old recipe pictures knowing how much improvement there will be with this lens. The Spicy Bee’s photography is headed down a path of change as I attempt to learn this new lens and work on new lighting setups. It both excites and frightens me.

What’s the most useful thing you’ve received as a gift?

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