FEAST Portland– It’s Coming.

This whole week is a constant reminder of how lucky I am to have moved to Portland. It’s almost brought me to tears a couple of times actually. It’s only since I’ve moved here and began working with fabulous organizations like Portland Bloggers and Portland Food Bloggers (site coming soon, yay!) and met some very savvy companies like Little Green Pickle and Broussard Communications that I finally feel in my element. Don’t get me wrong, I have always searched for a job that fulfills me to some degree–and I’ve had that in many cases, but nothing’s filled me like being in the Portland food scene has (both literally and figuratively). I don’t think it was until I was hugging Mama Doris of Andina last night that the realization hit me like a bus. What an enormous opportunity–SO many enormous opportunities have come my way since being here in Portland. It causes me to shake my head in amazement. Ok, that’s enough personal moosh for today. On to some real news…

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I heard from a birdie last night that FEAST Portland was going to be announcing its chef lineup today–lo and behold!

FEAST your eyes on this amazing list!

I am especially excited at the chance to breathe the same air as Dustin Clark, Jami Curl, Stephanie Izard, Tyler Malek, Thomas McNaughton, Rick Ortiz, Christina Tosi, and Jin Soo Yang.

For those new to the idea of FEAST Portland (as I technically am)–FEAST is a four day celebration of amazing culinary creations. Events during the festival take place all over downtown Portland, feature nationally acclaimed chefs, and dishes are made up of local Oregon ingredients. Proceeds of the long weekend go to Share Our Strength | No Kid Hungry and Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon. This year FEAST will be held September 19th-22nd, and tickets go on sale this Monday. If you plan on attending make sure to check out the Events Schedule. The weekend will be made up of classes and tasting panels as well as brunch and dinner series; main events and speakers series will also be attracting the crowds!

Will you be at the FEAST?

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