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A few months back I had the pleasure of meeting a very talented Portland Blogger and jewelry designer for the company GlassCast by the name of Shannon. She was completely awesome and funny, and I’m pretty sure I called her Heather for the first hour (not on purpose but because I am absolutely the most horrible person when it comes to new names ever on the face of the planet). It wasn’t my downright failure of a first impression that made me remember Shannon, however, (although–a huge face palm moment), it was Shannon’s enormous talent and sense of humor.
Photo courtesy of Motormouth Studios

A little while later, I was invited to Shannon’s birthday, at which I had hoped to speak with her more about her jewelry design work; to make it more interesting, we were dressed to the nines for her white trash themed birthday party. Oh, yes. So as I fell into a deeper admiration for this 16 & Pregnant cast member (only for the party!) I also came to the realization that not only was she in her own arena for jewelry design, but she’s got more green in her in one nail than I do in my entire body. I mean this girl CAN GROW. She toured me through the backyard Felti-Farm, and I was amazed at her ability to garden.

I recently found out from Shannon that Made in Oregon has picked up some of her pieces from GlassCast to sell in their shops. This is incredibly exciting because it means I can now get a snazzy City and State Necklace locally! What I love most about Shannon is how open she is to custom work. Non-Oregon States Necklaces are available online in any US State you can think of and with a heart most anywhere! You can also request a specific chain length through the custom order if you so desire.
My custom job from GlassCast was a special order for one of my best friends who is back in good ol’ Illinois. I, therefore, wanted an Illinois state with a heart over where my bestie and I had spent most of our time together–as roommates at the University of Illinois. It was completed quickly and before I knew it I was holding this beauty in my hands! I would be lying if I said there wasn’t a moment of hesitancy in shipping this item (as I wanted to keep it for myself and just order another for my friend), but I knew if I loved it so would she, and that mattered a lot to me! So off in the mail it went. It was a wonderful surprise for my friend, and the quality of this piece will stand the test of time. If you’re looking for a special gift to send or are just looking for a beautiful piece for yourself, I highly suggest a piece from Shannon’s Shop.

Do you have questions for Shannon or her jewelry? Feel free to contact me and I will pass your information on to her! You can also find Shannon on her blog, KungfooFeltus.

Have you ever purchased anything from Made in Oregon?

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