10 Foodie Questions: A Well-Crafted Party Answers

I’m always curious to know how others do things in their kitchens. For that very reason, I’ve asked some Portland Bloggers (and Portland Food Bloggers) to weigh in. Today I asked Jenni of A Well-Crafted Party to share some of her wisdom with me 🙂

Jenni and me at a recent event.

Name: Jenni Bost
Blog: www.awellcraftedparty.com

1. What is one kitchen trick you know and use that you don’t think many others know about? I’m not sure that others don’t know this… but, I prep in mass. I try to prep as much for the entire week of cooking as I can. I sort of approach my cooking (and meal planning) like a restaurant might. So, on a good week, Sunday is spent prepping veggies for the week, marinating meats, etc.

2. What is your most used kitchen tool? My cutting board— I even use it when I am not using a knife. I like to prep everything on my cutting boards (with or without the need of a knife), serve items on my cutting boards, and, of course, cut on my cutting boards! I seriously own 8 or more cutting boards.

3. What kitchen item can you not keep on your shelves long enough? Pepper or garlic— We go through both pretty quickly.

4. What is a kitchen faux pas in your house? My hubby likes to come up and kiss my neck while I’m cooking. When I’ve got a hot pan or sharp knife I do NOT want anyone sneaking up behind me. Do not touch this cook.

5. What’s your hangover meal cure (could be cure-all if you don’t consume alcohol)? I love bread and cheese when hung over. I like to make french bread pizza or something along those lines.

6. What foods wouldn’t you touch as a kid that you can’t get enough of now? Onions— Love them now. I still can’t eat a whole bunch of raw onions. But, I enjoy them cooked, pickled, or very thinly sliced raw.

7. What food or type of cuisine do you feel needs to be back in the food spotlight? Fondue. Haha… I love me a good fondue meal.

8. What kitchen tool or food item is overrated in your opinion? The melon baller. Who has time for that?

9. Where is your favorite place to purchase kitchen accessories? Actually, Ikea. I’ve gotten some of my favorite little kitchen items there. I am pretty simple though… I don’t have a lot of fun kitchen toys. Give me some basic utensils, a cutting board, and a sharp knife and I am GOOD.

10. What piece of advice do you have for anyone wanting to learn to cook? Learn food safety and taste as you go. Food safety is SO important and super easy. It is important to know the right temperatures (or how things look/feel when cooked) so that you aren’t under or over cooking your meats. It is important to keep things clean. And, you should never serve a meal that you didn’t at least taste the ingredients you put into the meal. (Obviously, leave the raw meat alone, but taste the sauces/spices you are putting on the meat.)

Are you a blogger and feel you might have some interesting insights to these questions? Feel free to contact me!

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