What I Dream My Food Looks Like

A month or so ago I made a new friend in the food world. Aubrie LeGault (of Capturing Grace Photography and Aubrie LeGault Photography) and I hit it off pretty fast when we both started talking about food photography. Aubrie is a seasoned photographer, with an amazing portfolio and a background in wedding and family photography. I still owe her a drink so that I may pick her brain on how she made the full transition from people to food. She shoots Portland restaurants like Water Avenue Coffee Company, Fireside, Brix Tavern, and Tasty N Sons. There’s no doubt in my mind that Aubrie is extremely capable when it comes to making food look–awe-inspiring.

When Aubrie told me she wanted to practice some new methods and needed some food to shoot, I was more than happy to oblige! I spent many an evening trying to figure out what I wanted to make for her. I knew whatever it was needed to challenge her (and me!) so that we had mutual benefit to working on this project. I also wanted to flaunt my ability to cook and travel with food (as in prepare and transport to the shoot–flawlessly). I eventually came up with three recipes–

Beef Chili with Ancho & Mole
Mole Lava Cake
Maple Habañero Cocktail

Once I was over to her place the pressure was on! Not only did I need to assemble my foods, but she had to style and shoot–and all I’d allotted for time was two hours! (I know, I’m so mean–pretty food takes time!).

And not to my surprise–Aubrie knocked the whole shoot out of the park. From the styling to the props to the lighting, she was spectacular.

via Capturing Grace Photo Blog
via Capturing Grace Photo Blog
via Capturing Grace Photo Blog

This collaboration was just too much fun. Aren’t these jaw-droppingly gorgeous?! Head over to her photo blog and site for more of her mouthwatering work!

As for the recipes–find them featured on [in]Complete Magazine!

Beef Chili with Ancho & Mole

Mole Lava Cakes

Maple Habañero Cocktail

Remember–for any recipes you worry you may have missed, check out the Recipe Archive.

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