Official FEAST Beer Announced: Widmer Krystal Pear Beer

It’s finally been announced and released! Widmer Brothers Brewing has announced its official beer for FEAST Portland 2013.

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Widmer Brothers Brewing Presents: Krystal Pear

This beer was released at last week’s FEAST Event at Whole Foods in downtown Portland. A special release for FEAST Portland held September 19th-22nd, Krystal Pear is a filtered, American-style wheat beer brewed with Oregon pears. It’s a lighter beer with the pear notes on the end of the taste. Don’t kid yourself now–this is no sweet cider. It is a fruit beer that stands very true to what the Widmer Brothers produce–sort of a beer first, fruit later kind of effect. For more about Widmer Brothers beers check out their site with this comprehensive search by IBU (bitterness), ABV (alcohol content), or color. A big thank you to Whole Foods Market for hosting the release event and providing delicious food, from gourmet grilled cheese to pear spice cake.
You can purchase Widmer’s Krystal Pear at Whole Foods Markets in the Portland area.
FEAST is right around the corner. I can see Krystal Pear going very well, especially if the heat holds out in Portland.
**this is a sponsored post through FEAST Portland**

Widmer Oktoberfest

Another great event coming up next weekend (September 6th-7th) is the Widmer Oktoberfest on Friday evening and all day Saturday–tokens can be purchased at the door and commemorative Widmer steins are requested for partaking in the beers.

Have you tried Widmer’s Krystal Pear? What did you think?

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