Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring–Tilla-PHONE

The following is a true story.

Tillamook Cheese is releasing Tillaphones for some attendees of FEAST.
Courtesy of Soda-Pop PR
That means I get comfort grilled cheese. You know, whenever I so please.

Comfort Call aka. Tillamook’s late night grilled cheese delivery service for VIP attendees was such a hit last year that they are bringing it back with a few additions.

· Share the Loaf – VIPs who receive “Tillaphones” (branded flip phones used to place Comfort Call orders) will be encouraged to ‘share the loaf’ i.e. pass their Tillaphone on to a friend or complete stranger on Saturday night, so other attendees can enjoy Comfort Call too.

· Did Someone Say Dessert…Grilled Cheese? – The grilled cheese menu won’t be the same either. This year Tillamook will be sampling three dessert grilled cheeses at the Sandwich Invitational and the fan favorite will be featured on the Comfort Call menu.

So if you had a Tillaphone–who would you give it to? Would you give it to a friend? A stranger? Or would you keep it for yourself? Can you HAVE too much grilled cheese?
I think not.
What do you think of the Tillaphone?

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