September Means Pepper Season

Fall Means Fresh Pepper Season | The Spicy Bee

The month of September is one of my favorites for many reasons. Where I grew up, September marked the change in the trees, weekends spent apple picking, and enjoying some of the best sweet corn of my life. Since moving to the Pacific Northwest, however, September means one thing: Pepper Season. From now until the end of September, you will start to notice fresh peppers popping up at the grocery stores and farmer’s markets like crazy. If you’re in the Portland area, I highly suggest making a stop to the Portland State Farmer’s Market to watch them fire-roast peppers in large batches before your eyes! This normally occurs from the second to the fourth Saturday in September.

The pictures are a little wonky, but here’s what it looked like last year!

The best part of the pepper roasting is grabbing a bag of fresh-roasted peppers for yourself! What do you use them in, you might ask? Um..everything.

First, a How-To for Prepping Fresh-Roasted Peppers. Then, perhaps, have them for breakfast for a few days–Egg & Roasted Pepper Breakfast Tacos. Or throw them in a Frittata or even a Breakfast Burrito! (Is it that obvious that I haven’t had breakfast yet today?) You could throw them into a Curry, a batch of Pad Kee Mao, or even a salad!

With fresh peppers, consider some Grilled, Stuffed Jalapeños with Bacon or some fresh Guacamole, either classic, or with some bacon and chiles en adobo 😉

My goal for peppers this September? Well, I’ve got an itch to try pickling some jalapeños myself. 🙂

Have you noticed all the fresh peppers popping up everywhere?

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