FEAST Roundup

And the epicness of FEAST continues with my experience of what they called The Cookbook Social. This event allowed attendees to get one-on-one time with some amazing cookbook authors!

Two of the most notable authors I had the privilege of meeting were Diane Morgan, author of Roots: The Definitive Compendium with more than 225 Recipes, and Joe Yonan, author of Eat Your Vegetables: Bold Recipes for the Single Cook.



















I am an avid cookbook collector, although I only end up keeping ones I really use over and over. My rule of thumb is if I don’t find at least 10 recipes I love in the book, it’s time to put it in the goodwill pile, or give it to a friend I think may like it better! I’ve already cracked open both cookbooks for testing and they are yielding some super delicious results!

Eat Your Vegetables is geared toward vegetarian cooking for one, but as a cook who attempts balance in her meals, I have been integrating the recipes as side dishes or as main dishes with an added protein (like sausage or chicken). When Ktams isn’t at home, I’ll be trying the recipes truer to form as I tend to lean toward vegetarianism when I cook for one.

The Urbanspoon Media Lounge

I spent the small amounts of downtime between events at the Urbanspoon Media Lounge, listening to business interviews, chatting up attendees, and charging my phone! Every time I entered I had an array of food and drink items, which means that I basically grazed on amazing foods all weekend. True heaven.

Captured by Carrie via Instagram (from left to right: Jenni, me, & Marlynn)
Photo by Marlynn via Instagram






























The Bounty Tasting

The Bounty Tasting was open both Friday and Saturday from noon until 5pm, and it was jam-packed with wineries, bakeries, breweries, and more! Tillamook was also present, handing out Tillaphones to those of us that knew the password. I didn’t think it was going to be real until I had it in my hot little hands, and after an evening with the Tillaphone and some delicious BBQ grilled cheese, I passed it on (those are the rules!).

via TheSpicyBee Instagram (from left: Michelle, Marisa)


















On the Saturday of the Bounty Tasting, Whole Foods even screen-printed bags for attendees of the Bounty Tasting. You got to pick from four colors, and they printed them right in front of you. I nabbed an orange one for myself! I loved how the Bounty Tasting was quintessentially Portland. You had your USA Pear booth with it’s Temporary Tattoo Pear-lor, Stumptown sharing its amazing Thai iced coffee (which was still enjoyable in the late summer temps!), and some seriously awesome small businesses (shout out to Bee Local Honey and Jacobsen Salt–two businesses I heard peppered in to many a conversation while at FEAST). I am of the opinion that the Oregon Bounty Tasting held the most bang for the buck when it comes to a broad overview of Oregon culture in food. If you’re coming in from out of town, that may be one worth marking on your list!

Best Butcher Competition and the Fishmonger Face-off

Another favorite event of mien was the Best Butcher Competition and the Fishmonger Face-off through Whole Foods. For this event I had the opportunity of spending the contest in the Whole Foods VIP section which included their amazingly extensive Bloody Mary Bar and a very neat gift bag that included Popcorn Indiana’s All Natural Kettlecorn, Outdoor Gourmet’s Cedar Grill Plank, Whole Foods Milk Chocolate with Toffee and Sea Salt, Allegro’s Ubuntu Roast Coffee, Whole Foods Chapstick, Red Boat Salt, and so much more.

Photo by TheSpicyBee via Instagram
Photo by Rosemarried via Instagram



































Let’s just say I got a lot of love for my Bloody Mary….s. I may have had two or more (they were really low on alcohol–not complaining, simply noting my not-alcoholism 🙂 My favorite combination for the Bloody Mary Bar was salmon, olives, mussels, pickle, meatballs, carrot, beef jerky, and hot sauce.

So delicious. I wish I could get one delivered to me every morning at work (I suppose that makes a subtle nod toward slight–only slight–alcoholism).

Feast, oh Feast. WHY must you only be 1 weekend per year?

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