Recap: Portland Bloggers & Little Green Pickle Present the Holiday Mingle

I want to tell you about an event that is very near and dear to my heart–The Holiday Mingle was a brain child of Portland Bloggers and Little Green Pickle. Its goal was to bring bloggers face to face with some of the PR firms that would be seeking said bloggers out. We had hoped to facilitate both a fun, light atmosphere with great food and an educational element (which came in the form of a discussion panel).

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Mingling Among Vendors

The vendors for this event were clients of Little Green Pickle. Most were restaurants based in Portland, but two were companies that specialize in a certain food-related product. All of the vendors involved came packed to the brim with interesting literature and delectable bites. Vendors included: Water Ave Coffee (Facebook Twitter), Double Dragon (Facebook Twitter), Olympic Provisions (Facebook / Twitter), Tails & Trotters (Facebook / Twitter),  The Original (Facebook Twitter), Besaw’s (Facebook / Twitter), The Bent Brick (Facebook Twitter), Departure (Facebook / Twitter), and  Fishpeople (Facebook / Twitter).

Companies that participate in events like The Holiday Mingle hold a special spot in my heart because they are putting themselves out there in a situation in which they may have no personal gain. Their time and resources are not bought with money but with the hope that their amazing products will make a deep impression on the attendees, moving them to either suggest, write about, or work with the vendor in the future. Although I only had the chance to give a quick hello to most of the vendors before returning to the door to welcome guests and check IDs (because we did have alcohol at the event), I wanted to hug each and every vendor for their participation in the event. They brought the whole night to the next level.

How to Approach a Public Relations Firm

The second half of the event was an educational panel with heads of five different PR firms in Portland. PR Panel included: Carrie Welch – Little Green Pickle (Facebook / Twitter), Meaghan Burns – Broussard Communications (Facebook / Twitter), Lisa Hill – Lisa Hill PR (Facebook / Twitter), Heather Jones – Heather Jones Consulting (Facebook / Twitter), and Vicky Hastings – Maxwell PR (Facebook / Twitter). Some of the questions answered included:

  • How big of a social media following are you looking for when you’re looking to work with bloggers? 
    • Answer: The safe number is around 1000 (for Twitter especially), but a combination of followers on multiple platforms is beneficial. The participants put extra weight on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+.
  • What could a blogger provide to help you with your decision on whether or not to work with them?
    • Answer: Media kit! An up-to-date media kit is so helpful! Be sure to have on there a summary of who your audience is and how you would like to work with PR companies! Social media followers would fit in nicely here. Be sure that your media kit is written well and matches your blog!
  • What’s most important to your relationship with bloggers?
    • Answer: PR firms love how honest bloggers are. They are easy to work with and if they don’t end up honestly loving the product or service you provided, they will approach you about it more often than writing a scathing review of the product on their blogs. They really work to benefit both parties.

I am still in disbelief that we actually TRENDED on TWITTER that evening!

If you are a PR firm looking to get in with the Portland blogger public–Please check out Portland Bloggers! We hope to do an event like this again in the spring!

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