The Spicy Bee’s Holiday To Do List

An Announcement

I realized this weekend that some but not all know why the foodbloog has been a little light in recipes and posts in the last month. Silly me, I should be sharing the news with everyone! Back in August I started a new position with a local restaurant business as their Catering & Events Manager. Besides increasing my workload with that new position, I’ve also taken the lead on the planning of the Holiday Mingle that is this Wednesday! Any other time outside of those things were spent maintaining relationships with friends and family. Poor foodbloog–I have recently decided it’s only fair that I give it some serious TLC. I’ve been doing some really exciting things in the last month beyond all the other mentioned activities. I’ve taken a fun Pickling Class at The Bent Brick, attended FEAST Portland, went to a meet and great with some great local businesses, and have been sent some amazing cookbooks for review.

There is so much coming this way! My goal over the next month is to fulfill promises made earlier (recipes, Food Lovers Fridays, a recommendation store linked through the blog, an awesome LOCAL Foodie Holiday Wishlist!?).

My Holiday To Do List

Holiday Gift Giving

The item at the very top of my to do list is renewing my Amazon Prime account because there are only a few things I love more than ordering something and receiving it within 2 business days with free shipping. I also love that it’s perfect for the gifts I send out to friends and family long distance! I can ship almost anything I want from Amazon to whomever I please with little personalized notes and free 2-day shipping. This came in handy when one of my besties back home recently moved into her new place with her boyfriend–housewarming gifts!

The best thing about Amazon Prime is that I was able to try it for a month for free! Can’t argue with free–am I right? Do make sure you set yourself a calendar reminder if you decide not to continue using Amazon Prime so that it doesn’t renew your account for you–but if you’re like me or most people I know, you will be hooked pretty fast. What have I used my Amazon Prime account for? My list includes: shower head and filters, camera lenses, bar buffet, water bottles, pet supplements, Himalayan sea salt, and much much more.


I’m starting my training schedule for the winter–holidays mean more baking, social events, and …eating! This means my recipe schedule needs be even cleaner and my exercise regimen needs to be solid. Besides running and yoga, I love doing MaxT3. It’s an exercise program developed by Maximized Living (an organization I worked with back in Chicago), and it’s the easiest way I’ve ever found to work out and still feel/see a huge difference in short amounts of time. The exercise routines are 12 minutes long, and I like to add a bit of a warm up on the front end and some sun salutations on the back end. The best thing about MaxT3 is it will kick your butt regardless of what level of fitness you’re at.

Gift Making

It’s also time to DIY some Christmas gifts! I keep track of my ideas through my Pinterest.

What does your Holiday To Do List look like?

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