Grocery Shopping Horrors: Make a Game of it

Working full-time and striving to eat well doesn’t make for a whole lot of free time. Ktams and I always struggle to do both well without exhausting ourselves. Since we normally do our grocery shopping on the weekends (or try anyway)–we sat around on a sunny Sunday morning dreading the thought of leaving the couch to go shopping. Now, you may be laughing to yourself–what on earth do we do that makes grocery shopping so difficult?

Well for a start, we can never find the level of ingredients we seek at one grocery store. This means that once we get our meal list compiled for the week, we have to divide out what things we think we’ll have the best luck finding where. In most cases, we will go together to the store that has the majority of the items on the list we need, and then I will go on a second run later in the day or the next afternoon for the rest of the list. I can’t say it makes for the most enjoyable experience. So on this particular Sunday morning, I decided to make a game of it, and since Ktams and I are so competitive with one another, he rose to the occasion (although it could have also had something to do with the fact that we hadn’t really been shopping in a few weeks (EEK!) and were literally out of most everything edible).

The Game: Divide, Conquer & Feast

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Grocery shopping into a game: here’s how it works

The goal of this game is to divide the grocery list between your two needed grocery stores (as evenly as you can), and then set off at approximately the same time to complete your respective list. For each item on your list that you check out with, you get +1 point. For every item that you check out with that is NOT on your list, you receive: a 1/2 point deduction for healthy items (e.g. fruit, vegetable, health foods, etc.) or foods that would normally be on your list other weeks but aren’t on this week (cat litter, protein bars, NOT BEER), and other items purchased that weren’t on the list result in a full 1 point deduction. You also lose 1 point for every item on the list that you do not get. If you are able to communicate to your adversary that you cannot find the item, and they are able to find it at their store, no one loses a point.
***I know there may be many flaws to this game—and I don’t care! The point of the game is to be a fun motivator to…well, DIVIDE AND CONQUER.***

Round 1

Sunday was our first dry run of the game–Kevin got to pick which grocery store he wanted to go to–New Seasons. I headed out to Trader Joe’s. We each had approximately 13-15 items on our list (give or take) and set out at about the same time. I had the longer drive, but the shorter list.
Upon our returns, we tallied up points and laughed at one another for things we bought that WERE NOT on the list. Kevin had purchased a pomegranate (mostly because he’d seen this video on Reddit and was convinced he was going to be able to replicate it. He spent 10+ minutes with his $4 pomegranate and I had the benefit of watching him struggle), a beer from Alameda, and apples. He also got a bonus point for noting that we still had a few Serrano peppers in the garden so he didn’t have to buy any. His total score was 17.
I purchased a pumpkin cider that wasn’t on my list, as well as bananas and protein bars. My total score was 12. What I enjoyed about the game was that finishing what was normally a chore felt more like an accomplishment, and it sent me into a motivated mood, which resulted in me completely reorganizing our pantry cabinets (this should have been at LEAST a +5 in my opinion–thus, a tie).
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Since Ktams won–he gets to pick what 1 thing he can get in our next round that is not on the list. He also won the opportunity to clean out the fridge now that we have a bunch of yummy new things in it! Huzzah!
Let me know if you try out the game! I would love to hear how things go 🙂

How do you motivate yourself to get things done?

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