Baby It’s Cold Outside: Warm Up With This Giveaway {Sponsored}

Does your hot liquid intake go up when it is cold out? I find that my mugs become a hot commodity (ah-ha) once the outdoor temperatures dip below 50°F. I’m sure I’m not the only person this happens to either!

You Will LOVE This Surprise Giveaway IF:

  • You would have been right next to me waving your mug and squealing with joy as they installed the instant hot water tap at work
  • One of the few things you go back for seconds of is a cup of this beverage
  • You keep a loose strainer at your work desk
  • You have a favorite mug
  • You love everything that’s “so totally Portland”
Figure it out yet?! 
I am giving away an I Love Portland Tea Gift Set thanks to Stash Tea!

This set is perfect for any tea drinker in your life. The set comes adorably wrapped and comes complete with a Portland Mug, 100g of the Portland Blend, which is a light and floral blend, and a tin of dark chocolate drops for snacking. This set was featured in The Spicy Bee’s Holiday Gift Guide (Part 2) and is available for purchase on their online store.

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What’s your favorite tea of the moment? 

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