Food Lover’s Friday: Holiday Gatherings

What to bring to all those parties you were invited to | Holiday Gatherings with The Spicy Bee

It’s the time of year where your weekends are booked up, am I right? Whether you are headed to holiday gatherings or hosting them, It’s always great to bring a family-style dish that even restricted eaters can enjoy. Since you can be sure there will be enough sweets at the gathering, let’s talk about some savory dishes that would make any host (or hostess) happy!

Southwest Stuffed Peppers

This pepper dish from Simply Love Food could easily be spiced up or toned down to be a crowd-pleasing side to any party. I love the idea of using red and green peppers to keep things Christmasy! I felt that this dish was really flexible and easy to put together. If using large peppers at a mingling party, it may be best to cut them in half or quarters. Be sure that if you are making a sugar-free version (or paleo-friendly) to make up your own salsa to avoid any hidden sugars.

Cornbread Stuffing

Cornbread stuffing throws an interesting twist on the traditional. This recipe from Whole Foods (which I make GF with Bob’s Red Mill’s Corn Meal), is delicious. The (slightly blurry–sorry!) picture above is from LAST YEAR’S Thanksgiving! I love this dressing so much it has made our Thanksgiving table the last three years straight! Be wary of dryness with this recipe–I always suggest throwing in a little more maple syrup after it comes out of the oven!

Stuffed Mushrooms

This appetizer is reserved for a party where you know you’ll have mushroom, artichoke and spinach lovers. While I adore this dish, I know my husband would refer to this as the trifecta from HELL (he’s no fan of mushrooms, artichoke, or spinach!). These savory little bites from The Curvy Carrot bake up real nice and would be Christmasy with some red chili flakes on top!

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