10 Foodie Questions: Kayla from FitLifeForward Answers

Yesterday, I ran my 300th mile. It was slightly anti-climactic at the time (because I had taken an odd step toward the end and felt a fun twinge in my left knee–nothing wrong, just tight), but looking back on my relatively short 3 mile run, I kind of feel overwhelmed. In just over a year’s time I have run more miles than I ever thought I could. While I don’t consider myself a running fanatic, I have always loved the rush afterward, and moreover, I love the people I have the opportunity to run with every week. One of those people, is Kayla, who blogs at FitLifeForward.com.

I owe much of my know-how and motivation to my dear friend Kayla. Today she shares 10 odd questions I asked her about her food habits and kitchen life.

Photo from the Portland Marathon this summer taken by me (wings exist IRL btw).

Name: Kayla

Blog: FitLifeForward.com

1. What is one kitchen trick you know and use that you don’t think many others know about? I don’t know anything that someone else doesn’t – my one thing that I do a lot is put shredded up spinach into everything.. chili… smoothies… enchiladas…spaghetti sauce..turkey meatloaf… I like to think that it adds come nutrients that wouldn’t be there otherwise and you don’t even notice it.

2. What is your most used kitchen tool? My knives of course – and my favorite Calphalon pans… My husband and I eat a lot of cheese so we have two cheese graters because one always seems to be unwashed.

3. What kitchen item can you not keep on your shelves long enough? Goat Cheese! I love goat cheese and I put it on everything – salads, bread, sandwiches, pretzels as a snack. It is soooo good!

4. What is a kitchen faux pas in your house? Putting my favorite knife in the dishwasher – I’m lenient with the other knives but want my favorite one to stay in good condition.

5. What’s your hangover meal cure (could be cure-all if you don’t consume alcohol)? For me this is more of a what is my favorite post run breakfast… I LOVE left over roasted veggies with some sort of protein like left over turkey meatloaf topped with sunny side egg!

6. What foods wouldn’t you touch as a kid that you can’t get enough of now? I was not very picky as a kid. I loved vegetables, the one exception is onions – I used to hate those – now I understand that they bring a lot of flavor to a dish – though I still can’t eat them raw.

7. What food or type of cuisine do you feel needs to be back in the food spotlight? I don’t know… (I’m going to answer this one for her–she really wants to bring spinach back. Also sweet potatoes).

8. What kitchen tool or food item is overrated in your opinion? I’m trying to decide if I like my handheld citrus juicer or if it is unnecessary..

9. Where is your favorite place to purchase kitchen accessories? We haven’t bought a ton of our own stuff because we were married only 1 1/2 years ago and got a lot of the things that we wanted on our registry.

10. What piece of advice do you have for anyone learning to cook? Follow the recipe that first time, after that you should experiment!

Are you a Portland Blogger with interesting responses to my 10 Food Questions? Email me at TheSpicyBeeFoodBlog (at) gmail (dot) com.

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