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While it’s no secret to our friends and family, you might not know that we’re in the market for our first home. I can safely say that househunting is easily one of the most stressful things we’ve ever done. In the last month we’ve been through just under a dozen houses, and in that time only one has really stood out to us. Why, might you ask?

The Kitchen.

Oh the kitchen. It is a vision. While it might not be my most perfect dream kitchen (who am I kidding, I have at least five versions), it’s quite close.

No pictures are to be shared unless the house ends up ours because it’s not fair for me to get your hopes up too! Meanwhile, you can enjoy some of the many other aspects of kitchens I lust after. The takeaway from this post is what makes a great entertainment space.

Happy Hour

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It can be stressful to host and bartend your party if you’re looking to enjoy yourself too! I enjoy a bar that looks inviting. Perhaps post some drink ideas for your guests, and make the ingredients attractive and readily available (cut up your limes, make your orange twists before the party, and create your simple syrup or your skewers)! Open a red wine, a white wine, and a nice bourbon for those who aren’t mixed drink fans, and keep the beer cold!

Buffet Line

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It makes a lot of sense to have a nice long countertop that will double as a presentable buffet line. I love the reclaimed wood but honestly any clean line will do! Be sure to have ample plugs if this is part of your remodel project, that way you can fit the warmers, fondue pots, and crockpots! I especially enjoy the long counters with drawers built in where you can keep your entertainware 😉

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 Ample Seating

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I find it important to have multiple types of seating for parties. It’s great to have bar seating for casual interactions. It’s also nice to have ample seating elsewhere for guests to either sit and eat in larger groups or to have table space for food. If there’s an exit to the yard from the kitchen, I think it’s extremely beneficial to have seating out there as well! You want to create a logical flow for people at a party–so think about flow when you purchase seating. Does it make sense to have a large table with a leaf in that space or does it kind of clog up an entry way? Are you at a good level on the stool at the bar? Is it uncomfortable? If so, you probably won’t have many people taking advantage of that seating area.

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Dish Space

via This Old House

Do you have any idea how many dirty dishes guests make? A LOT. I was chatting up my dear friend Kayla, and she said that was the one thing she hadn’t expected to be so overwhelming. While not everyone might think that a double dishwasher is a good idea, it’s worth thinking about how many dishes you might have on your hands, and how you can stow them away if you don’t have time to do them throughout the party. My best suggestion for dish management at a large party is to get some plastic dish tubs, and as you fill them, place them into a garage or a room that is not being used during the party, to do later.

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