Top Recipes of 2013

I can’t close the book on 2013 until I give some sort of recap!

This year was full of delicious food, both made by me and enjoyed out on the town. I wanted to share some of my most popular recipes of 2013!

From top down then left: Pad Kee Mao, Spicy Molé Espresso Cupcakes, Summer Fruit Crisp, Cheese & Bacon Stuffed Jalapeños, White Bean & Kielbasa Stew.

I love how much of a variety my top 5 recipes of 2013 created. Although I don’t tend to write about desserts too often, 2 of my 5 are indeed sweet treats!

  1. Pad Kee Mao – While moderately difficult, this recipe is a must for lovers of spicy Thai food. The noodles are best when purchased fresh from an Asian grocer, and the recipe can be completed successfully in a dutch oven as opposed to a wok. Thai chiles give this dish QUITE the kick!
  2. Spicy Molé Espresso Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting – Savory, slightly spicy cupcakes with so much depth! This recipe is attainable for most any cook, so don’t let the molé freak you out! The cinnamon cream cheese frosting these cupcakes are topped with is good enough to eat on its own.
  3. Summer Skillet Fruit Crisp – The perfect crisp for family picnics. This one pan dessert is flexible, using whatever berries you can find fresh at the market. My favorite combination is strawberries/apples/blueberries, but I plan on making this again when peach season is upon us!
  4. Cheese & Bacon Stuffed Jalapeños – Now that’s a spicy appetizer! This dish is only for those who can handle the heat. Don’t let the cheese and bacon fool you–if you make this dish with good jalapeños you’ll feel it for awhile. It’s a good burn though!
  5. White Bean & Kielbasa Stew – One of my favorite winter meals, this dish is one of the few crockpot meals I’ll suggest to others. The spinach addition makes things even healthier and adds a great texture to the meal.

What was your favorite recipe of the year?

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