Where to Fill Your Growler in Portland, OR

I recently stumbled across an extremely useful resource for those living in Portland, OR.

As a loyal Redditor, I feel it must be passed on to as many people as possible! Someone took it upon themselves to create a Google doc with information on location, website, and growler fill price.

What’s a growler you ask?

Find the post about the growler fills here, and you can find (and add to!) the document here. One of our favorite spots to fill our growler is Gigantic Brewing.

Don’t have a growler? Here are some of my favorites:

HydroFlask’s Insulated Stainless Steal Growler (image via Hydroflask)

via The Spicy Bee’s 2013 Gift Guide, similar available here.

It also may pay to keep an eye on Goodwill! We actually found our very first growler (your basic, brown glassed beauty) at a local Goodwill last winter. Your average, entry-level growler should cost you $5-$7. Make sure if you’re buying used that it has the original cap!

Do you own a growler? Where do you fill it?

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