Masala Pop & First Book {Sponsored}

This post is about First Book and Masala Pop and is sponsored by Masala Pop, a re-occurring sponsor of The Spicy Bee. While I was compensated to write about their partnership, the thoughts are still my own.

I was first introduced to Masala Pop at FEAST Portland in September of 2013.  I struck up a quick conversation with Neha about her flavors, grabbed some samples, and was pushed on to the next vendor (because the tent was PACKED with people slowly pushing and pulling toward the next neat stand). I remember being really intrigued with the flavor combinations:  Chai with Assam Tea, Coconut Curry, Saffron Rose–all flavors I’ve never experienced in popcorn!

Over time I’ve seen Masala Pop start to (pardon the pun!) pop up everywhere in Portland! My favorite development is seeing them served at one of our current regular spots, at Gigantic Brewing in SE Portland! It’s always fun seeing some of my favorite things pop up in unexpected places! I enjoy snacking on Masala Pop because it’s made with organic, non-GMO corn and is an easy gluten-free option. This means that I can throw this out at any party or gathering and know people will eat it and also be intrigued! This popcorn turns heads, and the Indian spices have a lot to do with it! Flavors like tamarind, assam tea, and saffron rose are used in ways that are fresh and unexpected. Pair that up with being a Portland-local business, and you have a pretty easy product to get behind.

Masala Pop & First Book

 Donate to First Book

First Book is a non-profit organization that specializes in providing books to children. The biggest barrier keeping children from books is cost.

Where do books collide with popcorn?

Masala Pop developed the Snack with Purpose Pack (pictured below) with the intensions of donating a portion of each pack’s sale to First Book to help add to the more than 100 million books that have been purchased for low income children in the US and Canada. For every $10 donated to First Book, 4 books can be purchased, and $.97 of every dollar goes toward the purchase of said books.

I’ve teamed up with Masala Pop to offer the Snack with Purpose Pack in a giveaway to raise awareness about First Book! The pack includes 2 of Masala Pop‘s popular flavors in a crazy gorgeous box. Never had Masala Pop before? This is your chance! All US residents are eligible! You can enter below! Good Luck!

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What was the first book that changed your life?

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