Meetup In Review: Portland Bloggers Annual Brainstorming & Goal Setting Course

So you’ve started a blog–congratulations! Look forward to hours of entertainment and a steep learning curve!

I always try to be the type of person that practices what I preach. Goal setting is and has always been one of the harder topics for me to excel at because I am a big picture person. I feel like details muddle things and I can get overwhelmed with all the steps required to reach my goal. I just want to jump in with both feet, and while that is ok to do sometimes, when it comes to longterm growth you need a plan! This is why our annual meetup for setting blogging goals is so critical!

Photo Courtesy of Motormouth Studios

Since it was our second year of holding the Goal Setting Course, we decided to split things into 2 large groups to try and give those who had made measurable goals for their blogs before to skip the basics and go on to a more advanced, round table setting. New goal setters were given a little more structure and direction with their thoughts, which, I hope, made them feel less overwhelmed with the whole experience! I know this is what made the difference for me last year. Once we had covered the basic things in the Goal Setting Packet (which is AMAZING and can be found here), we asked what the top 3-4 things were that they wanted to learn more about (design/branding, voice/content, advertising/sponsorship, etc.) and from there split into small groups.

Annual Brainstorming & Goal Setting Meetup

Photos Courtesy of Motormouth Studios

Overall, I felt the event was a big success! Kayla (from Fit Life Forward) did a phenomenal job leading the group I was helping with, and although I self judge and feel like I talked way too much, the small group I helped out with (advertising and sponsorship) seemed to have some of their questions answered. An enormous THANK YOU to Kayla for all of her hard work and lesson planning and to McClenahan Bruer for their perfect space in inner SW Portland. Macey of Motormouth Studios provided the images and the planner was created by Jenni (A Well-Crafted Party).

Going Forward

I hope that we continue to do a brainstorming and goals meetup every January as it really puts you in a good spot for tracking and meeting goals throughout the year. My sights are now on the March meet that I’m leading the planing on! So excited to have an afternoon with as many as 40 bloggers at one of my favorite spots in Portland, Cyril’s at Clay Pigeon Winery (review of the restaurant to come!).

Are you a Portland-area blogger looking to meet new people and make meaningful business connections? Join us Saturday, March 8th from 2:30pm-5:30pm at this speedy networking event!

What goals do you have set for your blog?

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