New Kitchen Alert!

So you may have been thinking–Where is that Bee? I haven’t seen a recipe in a week or two!

Well, you would be right, and it’s because in my other life, there are very exciting things developing. PACK YOUR BAGS, READERS! We’re MOVING.

You know what the neatest part about the whole thing is? Ok, besides all the amazing natural light you’re going to start seeing in my pictures–THE KITCHEN! Granite counter tops, deep sink….GAS STOVE!!!

Sorry, sorry for all the caps. I’ll tone it down a bit. We close at the end of this month! I cannot tell you how exciting this move is for us and what it will mean for the photography to come. Please note that this will mean that The Spicy Bee is understandably on a bit of a hiatus until the move is complete–You will see a spike in activity in other platforms though! Please keep up with the process via Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!

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