Portland Bloggers Photography Recap

I’m not exactly sure where time goes–but I wanted to share my recap from the May event with Portland Bloggers! If you would like to learn more about the organization, check out the site or perhaps join us at the Blogger Picnic Saturday, July 26th at Westmoreland Park from 11am-2pm–just look for our colorful balloons!
Portland Bloggers does a photography workshop each year–this year was time for another go at it–so attendees were given the opportunity to break out into two smaller, specialized groups and learn about whatever facet they needed help in, in regards to portrait or product photography. The event space was provided by Favery and Elli and was beautifully prepared  by their staff featuring flowers from Swoon Floral Design and chairs from Classic Vintage Rentals. Stationary pictured is from Elli, a company that helps brides style a uniquely personal wedding by offering a full suite of customizable products.

The owner of Favery (a private-sale site that brings members jewelry at member-only prices) introducing her team and the sponsors in the space.
Image via Portland Bloggers — From Left: Linnea, Margaret, Aubrie.

The outdoor group was led by an incredibly skilled portrait photographer, Margaret of Margaret Jacobson Photography. She worked on showing fellow photographers how to better coax their subjects out of the nervousness and capture shots that really feature the subject’s personality. The indoor group was led by Linnea of Linnea Paulina Photography and Aubrie of Capturing Grace Photography–two photogs that have both a strong family/wedding portfolio as well as experience in the food world! Major discussions included light trouble shooting and set up with emphasis on food photography.

via TheSpicyBee Instagram. Linnea on left, Aubrie on right.

Favery set out a variety of jewelry pieces that bloggers were able to use as props while they learned about how to improve their people photography. Elli created small vignettes utilizing their printed products for bloggers to practice their close up photography. Florals are the work of Swoon Floral Design and chairs are from Classic Vintage Rentals.

At the end of the event, there were some pretty fun giveaways to be had. All in all, a really great event. Here were my biggest takeaways:

  • Don’t get down on yourself if you don’t have top of the line equipment–learn to utilize what you have. Do some research and get your hands on a good lens for your camera. Not sure where to start? Hit up a local camera shop and see if you can rent a lens for a weekend! It’s a great excuse for an adventure out to test the lens and its capabilities. Talk to others that shoot the same things as you and see what their biggest go-to item is–don’t be afraid to talk to others about what’s working for them! Most are happy to oblige.
  • Remember light is your best friend, but it’s still tricky. Play with different kinds of light and settings on your camera and find one that you like best. Consider getting light bouncers and other portable and/or affordable items to reflect light back on to your subject evenly. Even a white poster board or something foil-backed will help get you started.
  • When shooting food, note that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Sometimes the most interesting subject is an apple with a bite taken out of it, or a messy cookie. Use the textures to your advantage and notice how it adds to your photos.
  • Get creative with your backdrops. Remember that sometimes, your floor could create an interesting background–or even the ground outside! Take mental notes of brick walls that catch your attention or large, well-maintained hedges. Sometimes the most unexpected neighborhood could reveal the perfect spot to do a series of shots. 
  • Be thoughtful with your camera when traveling. Remember that it has value and could be stolen. Avoid wearing the branded strap when traveling abroad. Bring a second memory stick, or be able to download your images to a secondary storage piece so that if your camera does get damaged or stolen, you still have your pictures! Consider putting some electrical tape across the side, something that shows wear, thus making it less attractive to a thief, and never ever leave it in your car!
What’s the most helpful thing you’ve learned about photography so far?

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    This looks like a really neat experience and thanks for sharing. I hope everyone learned lots!

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