Three Avocados: Coffee For A Cause

Three Avocados is a nonprofit coffee company. I was sent free coffee from Three Avocados. Three Avocados has given me 2 free bags of coffee, and a free bag to giveaway to one of you (my readers) in exchange for talking about Three Avocados in this blog post.

It’s always fun to play a part in something bigger. I recently received coffee from Three Avocados, a non-profit organization that sells coffee, donating 100% of the proceeds to projects to help give water to families in Africa. You might be thinking, “Avocados….equal coffee?” Let me explain…

Three Avocados: The Story

Three Avocados started with a group’s trip to a small Ugandan village. They attended a church service in the village and watched as a poor widow gave up her food (in this case, three avocados) into the offering basket, which went to feed others in need. The group visiting was so taken aback by her selflessness and generosity that they decided to name their nonprofit organization in her honor. 100% of the net proceeds from sales through help purchase fresh water and education for those in need. Four bags of coffee give one person water for LIFE. Over 20,000 lives have been impacted by the organization since its inception in 2010.

The Coffee

Three Avocados’ coffee is 100% single origin Arabica and comes from Mt. Elgon in Uganda in addition to Nicaragua, grown high in the mountains above Matagalpa (see the maps below).

The beans are hand picked, sun dried, and wet processed. The Ugandan coffee is grown in is known for a bolder taste and bittersweet chocolate, a flavor that definitely has resonated in the cups I’ve had since its arrival into my kitchen. The Nicaraguan coffee is low in acidity with a fruity tones. You can get the coffee both whole bean and pre ground, and come in 12 oz packages for $12 plus $3 shipping.

The thing I like best about this company’s online shop is the monthly subscription offering. You save a dollar each month and you can cancel the subscription any time, and after four bags purchased, you’ve officially given someone drinking water FOR LIFE. Now’s your chance to try out the coffee for yourself! I’m giving away a bag for you to try!

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