Top 5 Most Useful Organizational Kitchen Tools

Warm weather in a new house sure makes a person’s to-do list long! I’ve got the itch to fill empty spaces, paint walls, and organize new rooms. While I don’t really think of myself as an “organized person” per-say, I will admit that my kitchen is usually my one organized space–most every cabinet has a designated role and organizational system in place. With a new house, however, comes new systems. I’ve come up with my top five favorite useful kitchen items I’ve collected to help keep sanity in a kitchen with limited drawer space.

5. Black Organizers

SKUBB from Ikea

Black (to match my cabinetry), fabric for a softer touch, and multi-sized; I recently purchased this set for bedroom organization, and upon finding them too small for most of the things I wanted to use them for, I found they made perfect wranglers for little items in my pantry. My favorite things to store in them are water bottle lids, open sugar bags, and canning lids, but the possibilities are pretty endless. This set was $8 for a pack of 6, and they are collapsable for when you’re in between uses.

4. Bamboo Drawer Organizer

Oceanstar Version from Bed Bath & Beyond

I still remember moving into our first place in Portland, looking at my rental drawers and thinking–there’s no way my organizer is going to fit in here…and then my handy brother-in-law walked by with a box, saw my predicament, and happily assisted in “separating” the adjustable ends from my organizer to help it fit in my drawer. In short, we technically broke it. I’ve had this organizer going on 4 years now and I still love it. This one is by no means the end-all-be-all of organizers either, but a nice, adjustable drawer organizer will help things find their place immediately. This one was about $25 when we bought it and is now going for $30 on BBB’s site.

3. Mesh Bins

Elfa’s Mesh Bins from The Container Store

Hands down my favorite produce storage at the moment. For my softer fruits, I line the bottom of the bin with paper bags to keep them from imparting their mesh pattern. What I love most about these bins is that they come in many different sizes and they nest inside one another well when not in use. I have an assortment of sizes from the days when we had floor to ceiling, deep shelved closets in our first place. They’ve held everything from crafting supplies, to dish towels, to kitties (Bonsai was especially fond of hiding in the wrapping paper bin that the top of said closets). The bins range from $15-$30 a piece and come in white and metal coloring.

2. Spice Jars

DROPPAR from Ikea

I hate screw on spice lids. What I have come to abhor more are the spice containers I recently ditched from The Container Store, which, after years of heating and cooling, had stuck and warped. Moreover, they enjoyed exploding spices like turmeric all over my counter tops when I attempted to open for measurement purposes. These little pretties above from Ikea brought a tear of happiness to my eye. Beautiful and easy to open, these glass spice jars come in packs of two at little more than $1.50 per jar. Now I just need to decide how I will label them (for now I stick with good ol’ masking tape and sharpie).

1. Sorting Bins

Large Tapered Basket from Target

Gorgeous and so useful! I keep two similar handled bins (also from Target) under my open shelving at the back of the house for quick sorting of glass and other recyclables. I had purchased one for paper goods, then was gifted the second from a dear friend for our glass bottles! I love these sorts of bins because they are great additions (whether they are graphic like this one or bright colors like mine) and you can easily hose or wipe them out if they get a touch dirty. The handles are especially nice when you take them out to the curb. The above basket is $15 from Target and comes in black in addition to this white and black pattern.

What systems have you incorporated in your kitchen or home to make things more interesting, useful or beautiful? I would love to hear about it!

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