What is it that You do Again?

I, of course, thought it appropriate for a quick update of the human variety.

It is spring–and I have taken turn to a new position with a new company, and I’ve decided to spend most of my evenings (as of late) reading or watching Netflix or even out visiting with friends. I surely haven’t stopped cooking–nor stopped eating! Should you be interested in keeping up with things day-to-day my Instagram is the easiest place to hang out together.


While you are–I can only hope–enriching yourself similarly–here are some fun pieces of information that might enrich things for you. Some of my favorite shows I’ve watched recently are actually quite worth your time, assuming you have similar tastes, of course:

  1. The Crown – (Netflix) An amazing historical fiction series about the most recent Queen Elizabeth ascending to the thrown in the 1950’s. If you enjoyed Downton Abbey this new show will delight you most of the time, yet perhaps bore on rare occasion.
  2. The OA – (Netflix) Trippy, beautiful series that stretches towards a very science fiction-y end about halfway through the first season. If you have ever enjoyed science fiction you will love the series–it’s thought-provoking, existential and fabulous.
  3. Stranger Things – (Netflix) Another great science fiction series that is set in the 80’s and joyfully reminiscent of my childhood.  
  4. Better Call Saul – (AMC & back for a new season!!) Start with Breaking Bad or you surely will be lost to it all.
  5. Master of None – (Netflix) Oh Aziz Ansari–what CAN’T you do?! It’s a coming of age show that will strike a familiar cord with all who give it a chance to. Aziz gives a fresh humor to life’s awkward moments and will make you appreciate your parents more.
  6. Abstract: The Art of Design – (Netflix) a series on art and design that the creative side will enjoy like popcorn at the movies. Not a show to watch just before bed–stay sharp and watch this masterpiece earlier in the day.

You may notice there are no food shows on this list–no Great British Baking Show,  Chef’s Table or Parts Unknown. While amazing shows in and of themselves, I’m guessing these are old news to you as well. If not–I’ve linked them so that you may enjoy them for yourself.

What are you watching?

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